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If your license has been suspended, it is imperative that you consult a criminal defense attorney or suspended driver's license lawyer that specializes in all areas of criminal defense law.  Driving with a suspended license is a serious offense and can carry severe penalties; unfortunately, many motorists charged with driving under suspension are caught without prior knowledge of the suspension. Some people may know of the suspended license but drive regardless due to a family emergency. Others may drive with a suspended or revoked license simply because the vehicle is needed for day to day life and there is no other choice besides driving. Without the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney who understands the specific state laws, reinstating the license may get a bit complicated, most laws are different from state to state.

A person can have their driver’s license suspended or revoked for numerous reasons; all of these vary from state to state along with the procedures required to reinstate the suspended license. A criminal defense lawyer or suspended driver's license attorney can help you get your license back.

Why is my driver’s license suspended?
The status of the license can be checked by looking at the driving record or through a suspended driver's license lawyer. Some of the reasons that a driver’s license can be suspended are:
  • Having a DUI conviction
  • Failing to appear in court or not paying a fine
  • Failing to pay for child support
  • Having too many traffic violations within a specific amount of time
  • Driving without insurance
  • Failing to pay for traffic citations in another state
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Getting convicted of a drug offense
  • Accumulation of points on a driver’s license
  • Failing to appear in court or respond to a citation
  • Drinking before the age of 21
  • Refusing a chemical test like a breathalyzer
  • Vehicular homicide or hit and run
  • Fraudulent use of, or application for, a license
  • Racing
  • Attempting to elude an officer or flee from an officer
There are many other reasons why a license may be suspended; we recommend that you check with your state’s laws or talk to a criminal lawyer or defense attorney for more information.

Moved out of state but just received a suspension notice. What do I do now?
Moving out of state does not stop the new state from possibly suspending driving privilegesThe suspension will need to be resolved in the state issuing the original suspension. All state records are networked together so the new state will more than likely be contacted by the state of the current license suspension. The new state may choose to not issue you a license depending on the state laws. There is also the possibility of being issued a driving while suspended ticket, again check with a criminal defense lawyer or suspended driver's license attorney about state laws.

How can I reinstate my suspended driver’s license?
The process of reinstating a suspended driver’s license can take time and may be difficult or confusing without the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney or suspended driver's license lawyer. The laws governing driver’s license suspensions and reinstatements are handled differently for each state. Allow our criminal defense attorneys to assist you.

Anyone with a suspended driver’s license, should research how long their suspension will last and what is needed to reinstate their driver’s license. In order to find more information on the status of a driver’s license, the driving record must be obtained by ordering through the state’s licensing bureau website or through a third party website, by contacting the bureau through the mail, or by contacting the bureau by phone.

I never received a notice of my license being suspended?
For the most part, if there is some type of proof that the suspension notice was sent to the address on record, it is enough information to support a suspended license. In most states, a driver has an obligation under the law to notify the driver’s license bureau of a change of address. To show proper notification, the state does not have to identify the actual person who sent out the suspension notice. Usually, a certification or affidavit of mailing is enough proof. A criminal defense lawyer or suspended driver's license attorney is useful in finding loopholes for your case. A copy of the letter that was sent is usually insufficient unless there is evidence that it was in fact mailed.

Lastly, if the defendant is not afforded the opportunity for a hearing after receiving notice of the revocation or suspension, the motorist can assert the defense that the attempted suspension or revocation of his or her license is void, or without effect, as a matter of law. A defense lawyer or criminal attorney, that specializes in license suspension and reinstate, can help you with this assertion.

Potential Recovery

What happens after I submit a request for my driver’s license to be reinstated?

Once the request for the driver’s license reinstatement has been submitted, the driver is not allowed to drive, even if the suspension has been completed. The license will be reinstated when a notice is received from the driver’s license bureau that the suspension has been removed along with a new driver’s license. Only then, will the driver’s privileges be restored.

In most cases, there will be a reinstatement fee. At this point, you may have to go through some type of probationary period and have to complete a driver improvement program before driving privileges are reinstated. Some states may also require re-taking the entire drivers license examination including the road, written, and maneuver sections.

Expert Opinion
I’m not sure why my license is suspended?  A criminal defense attorney can help research the status of your driver’s license at the local licensing bureau and can better explain all of your options. If your license has been suspended due to having expired insurance, for not appearing in court, for an accumulation of points, a class requirement, certain medical problems, or any other instances, a criminal lawyer or defense attorney will notify you of certain steps that should be taken in proper order to reinstate your driver’s license and driving privileges.
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